Balinese Blessing Ceremony

Balinese blessing ceremony is a wedding ceremony where the Balinese Hindu celebrant prays for good things such as: safety, health, finances, bright future and happiness for the couple. This ceremony is possible also for you who may already be legally married, and want to re-commit Balinese style.

Our Balinese Blessing ceremony is not a legal wedding ceremony and no legal certification will be issued. Balinese blessing ceremony is enjoyed by those couples wanting a more spiritual component attached to their ceremony with the couple being able to experience some of the Balinese culture & customs and being a non legal ceremony a Balinese blessing is popular with those couples already legally married and those couples choosing to be legally married in the future now wanting to experience something quite special and unique.

The ceremony itself is quite spiritual and will be conducted by a Balinese Mangku lasting approximately 30 minutes. The couple should be dressed in Balinese costume. There is no actual speaking in the ceremony such as a vow or ring exchange that you would find in a western ceremony and instead is made up of prayer and offerings. If you would like to incorporate a vow or ring exchange then we can customize the ceremony to suit your personal needs.

As the ceremony is a non legal ceremony it will not interfere with those couples already undertaken a legal wedding ceremony or those couples choosing to have a legal wedding ceremony in the future.

For such a spiritual ceremony we would like to advise that the beach is not an appropriate location as there are many offerings placed on the ground and the sand does not make a stable resting place for these items. The ceremony also has duration of approximately 30 minutes where you would be sitting or kneeling in hot sand under direct sun with the sand blowing in your face. You will find the grounds of your hotel or villa much more suitable and highly recommended or if you would like a more traditional and tranquil environment then you may like to have a look at the Puri/temple location we offer.

Various offerings will be placed at the ceremony location where you will be sitting or kneeling together and the ceremony will commence with incense to purify and cleanse the body, and continue with various offerings such as the sprinkling of blessed water on the couple to purify the body, rice placed on the forehead for good fortune and prosperity, prayer and drinking of holy water, the waving of hands in memory of your ancestors, placement of small pieces of thread on different parts of the body to signify strength and later the removal of the thread for an ever lasting marriage. The ceremony will end with the couple feeding each other small portions of food for a happy and prosperous future together and you will then be asked to sign your ceremony certificate.
You may also have two witnesses sign your Balinese blessing certificate and as this ceremony is a non legal ceremony you may invite family members to act as your witnesses.

As many couples would like to experience the culture and spirituality of a Balinese ceremony and at the same time have a formal western ceremony then we would like to advise that it is also possible to have your formal western ceremony first and then have a Balinese Blessing afterwards which will provide you with some insight into the local customs and culture that many foreign couples do not get to experience.

If you are considering a Balinese Blessing ceremony then we will simply require your full names and a copy of your passport and your 2 witness’s full names if you are having witnesses to your blessing.