Beach Wedding Packages

Say yes to each other on the beach barefoot with the sand between your toes!

What could be more romantic than getting married on the beach under palm trees on a paradise island in Bali. Feel the warm wind against your cheeks and the sea that caresses your feet.

There is much to think about if you want a beach wedding. Travel and arrangement should be booked at least three months in advance before the wedding. After returning home, contact your Tax Office of your country for registration of the wedding.

Hotel, flight, guests and all the paperwork! Eliminate all the stress and enjoy your upcoming wedding. Hand over the arrangement work to a Professional Wedding Planner. We can take care of all formalities and submit proposals for suitable wedding locations, different types of ceremonies, various ornaments, wedding clothes, flowers, beauty salons, photographers, marriage registrar, restaurants, menu suggestions, etc.

Congratulations to you, on your upcoming wedding on the Bali beach…just imagine the warm sand, the sound of the waves, and the glorious sunshine!

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