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  8. Wedding Ceremony:The following details are required for couple considering a legal wedding ceremony:
  9. Nationality: Please note that there are specific requirements relating to each individual nationality, and it is imperative that the correct information is provided to you both. Religion: Legal wedding ceremonies here in Indonesia consist of two parts, first the religious ceremony and second the civil ceremony. One ceremony cannot take place without the other, and there are specific requirements pertaining to each individual religion. For those couples not practicing a religion, we recommend a Protestant Ceremony, as this is the least complicated for paperwork and least religious.
  10. Specific Requests or Questions If you have further details on your expectations or requirements, then please feel free to provide us with this information below. Please also advise us if there is a product or service that we have not listed that you would like included in your ceremony and or function package, as we would be more than happy to source this product on your behalf.
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