Religious Wedding Ceremony

Religious wedding ceremony is a wedding ceremony conducted by a representative of your own religious belief (i.e. a priest for Catholic, a minister for Protestant/Christian, a celebrant for Hindu and Buddhist).

This wedding is not recognized as a legal wedding but you will get a religious certificate from your ministry. Important: Indonesia will marry only couples that declare to both be of the same religion/faith.

Religious wedding ceremony is popular with those couples wanting to declare their love and devotion to each other, having a religious component attached to their ceremony but without any of the legal implications attached to a legal wedding ceremony.

It is possible here in Bali for couples to partake in a religious only ceremony if they are of the Protestant (Christian), Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist religions with the ceremony officiated by the relevant religious body according to the couple’s religion. Please note that it is not possible here in Bali for a Moslem religious ceremony and only possible to have a legal Moslem wedding ceremony.

As the ceremony is a non legal ceremony it will not interfere with those couples already undertaken a legal wedding ceremony or those couples choosing to have a legal wedding ceremony in the future.

The religious wedding ceremony is officiated by a representative of the couples chosen religious ceremony type and consists of the reading of your chosen religious text (if a choice is available) with duration of approximately 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the religious ceremony that is chosen and its content. Upon completion of the ceremony the minister will ask the groom, bride and 2 witnesses to come forward to sign their wedding certificate and as the ceremony is a not a legal ceremony then you are more than welcome to have family members act as your witnesses.

As many couples would like to experience the culture and spirituality of a Balinese ceremony it is also possible to have your formal religious ceremony first and then have a balinese blessing afterwards which will provide you with some insight into the local customs and culture that many foreign couples do not get to experience.

If you are considering a religious wedding ceremony then we will require your full names, a photocopy of your legal wedding certificate if you are already married, a photocopy of your two witnesses’ passport and 3 passport size photos of you both standing together facing forward prior to your ceremony taking place. Please note that further documentation will be required for a Catholic, Hindu, or Buddhist religious wedding ceremony.