Terms and Conditions

* Advanced Booking

Bali is a resort island with a seasonal demand.The ‘high season’ requires more advanced reservations, and usually costs more than the ‘low season.’

To ensure that your dream venue is available for your wedding, it is important to make your reservations as early as possible. During the High Season, reservations should be made at least 6 weeks ahead of your big day. Oftentimes, the most beautiful venues will be totally booked in advance of 6 weeks. Book early!

During the Low Season, reservations are easier to obtain.

We suggest you contact us as early as possible, so we may arrange your Heavenly Bali Wedding without complications.

* Advanced Payments:

An initial payment of 50% will hold your reservation.

No bookings will be processed until a deposit and completed booking form are received.

Final payment must be made by 60 days or two months (low season) and three months or 90 days (high season) prior the wedding day.

Failure to make the final payment by the due date will entitle Heavenly Bali Wedding to cancel your booking whereupon the deposit paid shall be forfeited.

* Payment Methods:

Wire Transfer

Western Union


Note: All bank transfer costs are the additional responsibility of the senders

* Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be made in writing.

Deposit is non-refundable

* Additional Charges

  • We will make an additional charge of USD 300 if the booking is too close to the wedding day, but it depends on the duration of document processing in certain nations.
  • There would be a surcharge  if the wedding is held on weekend, Sunday or another holidays such as regional holiday or public holiday and on special date.
  • Initial meeting or inspection to the venue or the villa would be free for booked/reserved clients, if you have not booked any package yet – there is a fee of USD 100/day. This fee is refundable only if you finally confirm your booking.
  • The requirements and time limit for each nationality are different; therefore it is important for us to inform you about the procedures in both nationalities.
  • In any emergency cases, we may make an additional charge if the wedding is too close to the wedding day and you are suggested to send us the details or documents before booking.
  • The wedding program can be postponed due to unpredictable causes such as religious events but we will immediately inform you and try to solve the problem.

*If accommodation included in the package, you have to check in at least one day prior the wedding day.